About Classic Benefits

We are Benefit & Insurance Specialists!

Here at Classic Benefits Management, we have a team of specialists that will listen to your needs and research all the health insurance plans to find one that meets your unique need.

We represent all the major carriers in the state of Georgia, our free consultations will assist you in navigating the complex and confusing options that are available. Our goal is to educate you and provide you a customized health insurance plan for you individually or for your company, and deliver it to you with our personalized service. 

We can help you with:

  • Individual Health Insurance Plans
  • Group Health Insurance Plans
  • Personal Insurance (Auto/Home/Life)
  • Commercial Insurance

Let us become your local insurance agent in Georgia.

While the Internet can be a one-stop-shop for insurance, it does not replace the benefits of having a local agent.

Setting up a policy face to face with an agent whose goal is to give you a well rounded plan that meets your needs is irreplaceable. Having a health advocate in close contact to answer any questions you may have is priceless. Receiving personal treatment from someone who understands your plan and situation is something you can't get from the Internet.

About Ed Fogarty, Principal

Health Insurance & Medicare Specialist in East CobbEd is the principal of Classic Benefits Management, an Atlanta metro area specialty insurance brokerage that writes all health based lines of insurance coverage for individuals and groups in the state of Georgia for Health, Life, Disability, and Long Term Care.

With over 16 years experience in health care insurance, Ed has developed an expertise that allows him to carefully evaluate each situation and to make a determination as to what really makes sense for Classic Benefit clients both from a benefit and financial perspective. In fact, Ed has been called the "Clark Howard" of the health care insurance business due to the importance he places in obtaining the best deal for his clients.


-MEDICARE Supplement Plans & Advantage
-Small Group Health Insurance Plans
-Individual Health Insurance Plans
-HSA's, HRA's FSA's
-Long-term care
-Insurance Reviews
-Developing Customized, Affordable Health Plans